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New Zealand’s only supplier of pipeline solutions making it easy through supply, training, and support.

Change in our lives is constant. As time progresses, technologies and markets develop, and our needs and procedures adapt accordingly. As a result, we have evolved as a company, and felt we needed to update our brand to reflect who we’ve become, what we are to you, and where we’re going.

Since 1980 our team have been designing, supplying, and installing pipeline solutions. We’ve walked a mile in the pipeline installers boots, and this wealth of experience forms the core of how we assist you today. Additional to this, we’re a family company with that extra level of passion and are relentless in our quest for continuous improvement, to make your job easier. Therefore, it is our commitment to be New Zealand’s only supplier of pipeline solutions making it easy through supply, training, and support.

Our clients call it, ‘The Waterworks Experience’. We work on a global scale to give New Zealand pipeline installers access to fresh innovation from reputable manufacturers to make your job easier while delivering a reliable installation. We strive to provide an unparalleled level of service, giving you confidence in supply, knowing you can get what you need when you need it. What sets Waterworks apart is our consistent dedication to delivering product on time, every time and standing firmly behind any goods or services we provide. This commitment is backed by the following guarantees:

Same Day Despatch – All orders for in stock items, requiring truck transport, received by 3pm and all orders, requiring courier freight, received by 4:45pm will be despatched the same day or we fully cover any freight charges. Click here to see our Freight and Returns Policy.

Quality Guarantee – All products and/or services delivered by Waterworks will be to the highest quality and if something is not right we will do what it takes to put it right.

Same Day Dispatch

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The product quality is very high, we have even had others inspect the Waterworks Wholesale product and comment on its very high standard.