5 Myths about Europress busted

Europress at Skellerup

If you haven’t used Europress yet, it’s probably because you’re not sure what it costs or if it has proven benefits, and you really don’t want to talk to a sales rep. You’re not alone. Engineers are often surprised to find that:

  1. You don’t have to get kitted out with expensive tooling to use Europress. Utilise our hire tooling fleet, fall in love with Europress, then invest in your own tooling down the track.

  2. Press-fit is not a ‘fad’ and you’re not a ‘guinea pig’ if you try it. It has been used in Europe for over 25 years, and is trusted in NZ by Coca-Cola, Fonterra, Genesis Energy, Grey Base Hospital, and many more. (you can check out who else is using it in the installed pictures at the bottom of the page)

  3. If you’re a welder, Europress is not a threat to your skill. It is a complimentary string to your bow. It will not take over all your welding work. Most of our clients are welders.

  4. There are large stocks of Europress in NZ, available now for your projects. On the odd occasion we run out, back-up stock is available in 2-3 days from several warehouses in Australia. Don't just take our word for it though, you're welcome to visit our warehouse or give us a try. 

  5. While materials may cost more, the installed cost, which is the true cost, is much lower than traditional welded or threaded alternatives due to the speed and ease of installation.

Scroll on for proof... 

Benefits of using Europress

  • Pernod Ricard installed Europress and welded simultaneously, with Europress proving to save 37% on the installed cost and be completed in less than half the time. Check out the details here.

  • As we know from our power bills, hydro-power companies are in the process of producing liquid gold. One hour of downtime can cost them more than $100,000! Contact Energy choose Europress, because it’s speed of installation means less downtime, and its reliability and ease-of-adjustment means future downtime won’t be an issue.

  • Europress is a reputable European brand and complies with the pressure requirements of ASME B31.3 and many other international standards.

  • Europress with its simple tooling eliminates hot work permits, allowing you to spend your time doing what you need to. Oji report that thanks to no paperwork or fire watch, Europress allows them to increase their daily install time by 3 hours!

  • If you’re not sure how Europress works, watch the Europress Introductory Video 

  • The plastic press-check indicator sleeve (PCIS) on the fittings is pierced during the crimp and can then be removed. This allows for easy visual indication of what has been completed, which is important as often installers will assemble a whole section then go through pressing them once happy with positioning.

  • The LBP (leak-before-press) O-ring is segmented rather than perfectly round, ensuring that any fittings which haven’t been pressed can’t seal during commissioning, providing a second assurance along with the PCIS.

  • While Europress is a very simple system to use, Waterworks offer a comprehensive training service to ensure correct procedure is followed and coverage by the guarantee.

  • Oh yes, Europress is covered by a 25 Year Manufacturers Guarantee!

  • We have what we call ‘Tooling analysis software’ which is a fancy name for an application which hooks up to your Klauke tool to a computer and downloads a report of the torque applied to every joint. Hospitals and high-profile clients use this to ensure accuracy in every joint.

  • Welded and threaded systems are reliant on the integrity of installer. Europress pressing tools ensure each press is the same every time, reducing human error.

  • Europress is available in three systems – Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and Stainless Gas.

  • It is used for applications including water, compressed air, gases, chemicals, oil, lube, diesel, glycol, and more.

  • Rated to 16 Bar, and up to 40 Bar on application. In lab testing, it can perform to at least three times rated pressure.

  • Handle temperatures from -20C to 120C, and higher on approved applications.

Contact Waterworks technical department for more information on Europress and how it can work for you. Or check it out here

Europress installed at:

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SkellerupSkellerupVilla Maria
Villa MariaSilver Fern FarmsSilver Fern Farms
MazdaGenesis EnergyGenesis Energy

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