Frequently Asked Questions

Freight/Ordering Questions

  1. When am I likely to see my order?
    Waterworks sends a majority of its courier freight via NZ Couriers. This means that if you are in the North Island you are likely to see your order first thing the next morning. Our standard freight to the South Island is two days from receipt of order, however, we can get it there overnight if required. Rural deliveries can take 2-3 working days for delivery. All truck orders are expected to be delivered in 1-2 working days in the North Island and 3-4 working days in the South Island. Again rural deliveries can take slightly longer.
  2. Can I Track ‘n’ Trace my order?
    Waterworks uses specialist despatching systems to increase the efficiency in despatch of your order. Therefore each consignment is currently unable to be tracked on the freight company’s standard website. Please contact Waterworks to track your consignment.
  3. Do you have an e-mail address that I can e-mail my orders to?
    Please e-mail all orders to
  4. What is your fax number for orders?
    We have a Free Fax 0800 55 75 95 or you can use (06) 769 6755.

PVC Pipe and Fittings

  1. How can I adapt from 100mm PVC drainage pipe to PVC pressure pipe?
    We do not recommend trying to do this through threaded connections because drainage fittings use parallel threads and pressure fittings will have a tapered BSP thread meaning that these cannot be connected properly. We recommend using our specially fabricated fittings which is specifically designed for this application. This is similar to a standard PVC joiner where one end is manufactured to suit 110mm outside diameter pipe (100mm PVC drainage pipe) and the other end suits 114mm outside diameter pipe (100mm PVC pressure pipe). Our product code for this fitting is 810/110-100.
  2. How can I adapt from 100mm PVC drainage pipe to a BSP thread?
    Please refer to question number four.
  3. What is the outside diameter of my PVC pipe?
    Click here to view our PVC pipe specifications. For further assistance please contact our technical department.
  4. Do I need to use a primer when joining PFS PVC Pipe & Fittings?
    It is highly recommended on all joints to ensure the integrity of your pipe system.

Elysee Medium Density Fittings

  1. Do you hold good stocks?
    Waterworks holds New Zealand’s largest range of medium density compression fittings and tapping saddles. We hold large stocks and back ourselves to supply on time.
  2. Are Elysee fittings certified for use in New Zealand?
    The Elysee Medium Density Fittings are certified to AS/NZS4129 and AS/NZS4020.
  3. What size range do you stock in New Zealand?
    In New Zealand we stock fittings to suit metric outside diameter sizes 20mm up to 110mm.


  1. Should I use Carbon Steel, 304 or 316 stainless steel for this application?
    There are a number of factors which will influence this decision such as any possible chemicals in the system (including concentration levels), the location of the pipework and the temperature at which the system will be operating. We strongly suggest that you contact the team at Waterworks for technical assistance in this area.
  2. Are EPDM seals ok or do I need to upgrade the seals to another material?
    This will largely be influenced by any chemicals that will be present in the system and the temperature the liquid will be running at. You can view chemical compatibility charts for the different seals types. Also contacting us for technical assistance is strongly recommended.
  3. What is the chemical compatibility for carbon steel, 304 or 316 stainless steel with ... chemical?
    Click here to view the chemical compatibility chart for the Europress product.
  4. How much does the tooling cost?
    Contact us to discuss your exact tooling requirements. Waterworks also has tooling available for hire.
  5. How does the cost of Europress compare with conventionally welded systems?
    The materials are likely to be more expensive but with Europress the overall installed cost offers savings of up to 30% on a project.
  6. What time savings can I expect when using Europress?
    Europress is rated up to 10 times faster to install than conventional welded pipe systems.
  7. What size range?
    Europress, being a metric outside diameter pipe system, is available in sizes from 15mm (1/2”) up to 108mm (4”).
  8. What is the pressure rating of the Europress system?
    To comply with quality standards the Europress is rated to PN16 (16 Bar/232 PSI)) but on approved applications can be rated up PN40 (40 Bar/580 PSI). Please contact our technical department to discuss this further.


  1. What is the maximum temperature that Dynatherm PP-RCT will handle?
    Dynatherm is suitable for running temperatures up to 70°C but can also handle temperature spikes up to 110°C.
  2. What sort of applications is Dynatherm best suited for?
    Dynatherm is best suited for both hot and cold water lines. It is used frequently in dairy shed applications and food processing factories and other mechanical applications. When installing Dynatherm PP-RCT we recommend you avoid installing in situations where UV rays can access the pipework.
  3. What are the benefits of PP-RCT over against standard PPR?
    PP-RCT has a crystalline temperature enhancement additive which gives the PPR pipe greater strength than standard PPR which means you can maintain a higher pressure rating with a slightly thinner wall. The larger bore size can result in an increase in flow of up to 26%.

4N Tapping Bands

  1. Do you have a tapping band to suit 65mm PVC pipe?
    Unfortunately the 4N tapping band range does not include a tapping band for 65mm PVC pressure pipe. However, the outside diameter of 65mm PVC pressure pipe is 75mm a metric medium density tapping saddle will fit this pipe. (Please refer to the CONNECTA Metric Medium Density Tapping Saddle section for further details). We only recommend using this solution in situations where the system is only running a low pressure.
  2. Do you have a tapping band that will fit Ductile Iron pipe?
    The Series 2 tapping bands will also fit Ductile Iron and AC piping.
  3. Are these tapping bands suitable for use within our council’s water main network?
    The 4N Tapping Bands are approved by a majority of councils throughout New Zealand for use in their water main networks. Please consult our sales team to see if these tapping bands are approved by your council.
  4. What pressure are these tapping bands capable of?
    All sizes are rated to 16 Bar at 20°C. The pressure rating must be adjusted if used at temperatures exceeding 20°C. Please consult our technical department on temperature adjustments.

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