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Agricultural Pipe Systems

With over 30 years first-hand experience in the installation of Agricultural pipelines, the team at Waterworks Wholesale have the expertise to recommend high quality pipe systems such as PVC, PE (Polyethylene), and PP-RCT, commonly used in the construction of dairy sheds, irrigation, farm water reticulation and stormwater diversion.

Industrial Pipe Systems

Waterworks Wholesale has a large range of high quality Industrial Pipe Systems including uPVC, Sch.80 PVC, CPVC, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, PP-RCT, and PE commonly used in Water Reticulation and Circulation, Potable Water, Hot Water Transfer, Waste Water and Slurries, Water Treatment, Chemical Handling, Compressed Air, Fire Systems, Petrochemical Transfer, and Gaseous Fuels.

Request a Consultation

We offer you a FREE, no obligation, onsite or tele-consultation with representatives with over 30 years first-hand industry experience able to develop reliable solutions for you and make your job easier.

Waterworks Wholesale are importers and distributors of internationally recognised, high quality pipe, fittings, and valves for use in industrial and agricultural applications.

We are New Zealand’s only supplier of pipe systems to the industrial and agricultural sectors to guarantee same day despatch (for in stock items), a premium quality customer experience, and high quality products.