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Industrial Pipe SystemsWaterworks Wholesale has built up a vast range of high quality Industrial Pipe Systems, which combine with trusted advice from over 30 years first-hand experience in Industrial Pipe Systems, to provide you with a reliable, durable and long-lasting piping solution tailored to suit your needs. Waterworks Wholesale specialises in providing you with trusted Pipe Systems, including Pipe, Fittings, and Valving, for Water Reticulation and Circulation, Potable Water, Hot Water Transfer, Waste Water and Slurries, Water Treatment, Chemical Handling, Compressed Air, Fire Systems, Petrochemical Transfer, and Gaseous Fuels.

There are a large number of factors that impact the selection of a reliable Pipe System including, but not limited to, temperature, chemical make-up, system pressure requirements, and flow rates. These factors all influence the best piping material for your application. However at Waterworks Wholesale with our large range, including uPVC, sch.80 PVC, CPVC, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, PP-RCT, and PE, we are able cover your piping needs.

Features and Benefits

  1. Quality products which means less maintenance and less chance of product failure which saves you time and money.
  2. Installation is quicker requiring less manpower.
  3. On time every time so there are no hold-ups to your projects.
  4. Our expert team ensure to you use the right product for the application saving time and money.
  5. You can trust our team because we've been doing this since 1980.


Chemical Handling

Compressed Air

Fire Systems

Gaseous Fuels

Hot Water Transfer

Petrochemical Transfer

Potable Water

Waste Water & Slurries

Water Reticulation & Circulation

Water Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What products have you got?
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Q2: What quality standards do your products meet?
A3: Click here to view product certifications.

Q3: What other projects have you supplied to?
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Q4: Can you consult and recommend best practice and products
A4: Yes. Click here to request a free onsite consultation

Q5: Can you supply a quote.
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Q6: When can you get the product here?
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