Medium Density Compression Fittings

Connecta Medium

The ELYSEE Compression Fittings are a premium product designed to produce the most reliable and durable connections in Medium Density pipeline applications. Used daily by agricultural and industrial pipeline installers the ELYSEE fittings have proven their reliability in a huge range of applications. With the innovative lip seal and extended cap threads the ELYSEE fittings are Easy-to-fit especially when making those tough connections on large diameter pipe. With decades of global proven, practical durability in some of the world’s harshest environments the ELYSEE Compression Fittings are about CONNECTING VALUE.

Quality Assurance

Manufactured by an ISO 9001 accredited manufacturer, the ELYSEE Compression Fittings comply with BS 6920:2000 for potable water, are CERTIFIED for AS/NZS4129 and AS/NZS4020 and have been approved to bear the world renowned German quality mark of DVGW. This highly recognised quality assurance makes ELYSEE Compression Fittings a first-class product for all users.

Benefits & Applications

  • Extended cap thread to make the cap easy to get started, another Easy-to-fit feature.

  • Large ELYSEE Compression Fittings have Easy-to-fit rubber lead-in lip seal making installation easier and providing a leak proof seal.

  • Excellent UV and chemical resistance.

  • Commonly used for high-pressure conveyance of water, irrigation, gaseous fuels, compressed air, chemical solutions, slurries and effluent.



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