Metric OD Tapping Saddles

Connecta metric tapping saddles

ELYSEE Metric Tapping Saddles are designed to provide the ultimate solution for branch lines from main pipelines. Manufactured from premium grade plastic and fitted with a strong rubber seal to create a leak proof connection the ELYSEE Tapping Saddles are ideal for both agricultural and industrial applications. With anti-rotational ribs moulded in the base of the tapping saddle to prevent rotational or lateral movement the Tapping Saddle maintains a clear, full bore to allow maximum flow. This is in contrast to other tapping saddles with an insert to reduce rotational movement. Also, this allows the installer to drill the branch line hole after the tapping saddle is fitted, making the ELYSEE Tapping Saddle extremely Easy-to-fit. CONNECTING VALUE.

Quality Assurance

Manufactured by an ISO 9001 accredited manufacturer, the ELYSEE Metric Tapping Saddles comply with BS 6900:2000 for potable water. After decades of proven reliability and ongoing quality control and improvements the ELYSEE Metric Tapping Saddles are a first-class product for agricultural and industrial applications.

Benefits & Applications

  • Manufactured from robust, durable materials the ELYSEE Tapping Saddles are designed for extended life and reliability in agricultural and industrial applications.

  • Anti-rotational ribs moulded into the tapping saddle base prevent movement on the pipe creating a more reliable and leak-proof connection.

  • Connection entrance hole can be drilled after the tapping saddle has been installed creating an Easy-to-fit connection.

  • Excellent UV and chemical resistance for both agricultural and industrial installations.

  • Frequently used for lateral line derivation from mainline pipes, for high pressure conveyance of water, irrigation, gaseous fuels, compressed air, certain chemical solutions, slurries, and effluent.



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