Dynatherm PP-RCT Piping System

DynathermDYNATHERM is a plastic piping system that can be used for both warm and cold water pipeline applications. The crystalline structure additive in the pipeline enhances the temperature performance of this piping system. The Dynatherm PP-RCT piping system is manufactured in Germany and installed globally, being recognised as a quality product because of the higher strength and temperature resistant additive in the pipe meaning longer life expectancy, higher temperature rating and higher flows than conventional PPR systems. This allows this piping system to be used successfully in the industrial and agricultural sectors for a huge range of applications but primarily for water transfer systems in sanitary and heating systems.

Quality Assurance

Dynatherm has the following standards making this system superior in quality.

ISO 15874, ISO 21003-2008, DIN 8077/8, ONORM B 5174 – 2007 03 01, AL RP 01.58, ISO 15874 Watermark (Pending), AS/NZS4020, DVGW.

Benefits & Applications

  • Dynatherm has three jointing methods – butt welding, Electro Fusion and socket fusion – which broadens the applications in which this piping system can be used and making it very easy to install.

  • Dynatherm offers excellent chemical and corrosion resistance making it superior in a number of applications to steel piping systems.

  • The crystalline structure means it is possible to maintain a high pressure rating with a thinner wall, meaning a smaller pipe can be used to achieve the same bore size as conventional PPR piping systems meaning Dynatherm is not only higher quality but more cost effective. Up to 26% higher flow capacity.

  • Dynatherm holds a 50 year design life giving you peace of mind in your pipeline installations.

  • Dynatherm is suitable for chilled and warm water transfer systems and for potable water systems.

  • Dynatherm is manufactured from food grade raw materials making this piping system suitable for use in food factories.

Technical Information

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