Feedbridge Feed Solutions

FeedbridgeFeedbridge Feed Solutions are high quality stock meal feeding solutions designed to increase productivity from the animals through precision feeding and increase profitability through reducing wastage of stock feed. Leading the way in the Feedbridge range is the unique Liquid Feed Dispenser which is a water powered unit that dispenses a set volume of liquid feed to each bale in a rotary dairy shed. Close behind the Liquid Feed Dispenser is the electric powered Liquid Feed Pumps which are most commonly used in Herringbone Dairy Sheds or in the transfer of Liquid Stock Feed. Both units provide New Zealand Dairy Farmers with an ideal solution giving them the best value for the money investment in a meal feeding system.

Feedbridge Liquid Feed Dispenser

Benefits & Applications

  • The Dispenser is Water Powered meaning no electric motors or pneumatics are necessary. (requires a minimum of 60PSI clean water to operate efficiently)

  • Precision Accuracy – The plunger rod can be adjusted to a set volume (e.g. 250ml) and as the plunger rises it draws the set volume of feed into the main cylinder, as the plunger returns downward it forces the required volume of feed to be pushed through the pipeline. This means a measured volume is dispensed irrespective of the feed viscosity.

  • The measured volume of feed can be infinitely adjusted between 100 and 800ml to suit seasonal demands.

  • The Dispenser is a complete pump and metering system in one package as opposed to a pump and valving controls as separate components.

  • Manufactured from non-corrosive materials can handle molasses, CDS (condensed distillers syrup), Whey, Proliq, and Blends and even alternate between feeds.

  • Very easy to install.

  • New Zealand designed and manufactured for New Zealand agricultural conditions.

Feedbridge Liquid Feed Pumps

Benefits & Applications

  • Designed to pump molasses, CDS, Proliq and Blends with ease.

  • Manufactured from non-corrosive materials extending the longevity of the pump.

  • Powerful single phase or 3 phase motor options available to suit each specific application.

  • Available with 25mm of 40mm ports. The 25mm port option has an approximate flow rate of 15 litres per minute and the 40mm option has an approximate flow rate of 35 litres per minute. Actual flow rate figures will vary slightly depending on the product being pumped and the product viscosity.

  • The Liquid Feed Pump includes a non-corrosive stainless steel baseplate and coupling guard making these pumps ideal in even the most harsh weather conditions.

Prices exclude GST.

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The product quality is very high, we have even had others inspect the Waterworks Wholesale product and comment on its very high standard.