Europress Stainless Steel Gas Press Fit Pipe System

EuropressEuropress Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel Press Fit Piping System is the revolutionary piping system which is leading the way in steel piping in New Zealand’s Industrial and Agricultural piping. The speed at which Europress can be installed, the integrity of each joint, and the massive labour savings elevate Europress to an industry leading piping system. Designed and manufactured in Europe by a manufacturer with over 40 years industry experience the precision of each fitting has lead Europress to be recognised as supreme in quality piping systems. Millions of Europress fittings are produced each year, all meeting the required quality standards. Europress is; EFFICIENT, EASY & EFFORTLESS.

Quality Assurance

Europress comes with a 25 Year manufacturer backed product guarantee.

The adoption of rigorous quality control has meant the Europress Press fittings conform to the most severe European and Australian certification. Accreditation has been awarded by premium testing authorities in Australia, Austria, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.

Europress 316 stainless steel meets the exacting Australian Watermark testing for drinking water, it is also approved for Gas and Fire services.

Benefits & Applications

  • Speed of installation – Europress is up to 10 times faster to install than conventional steel piping systems resulting in savings of up to 30% on a project.

  • Reliability in every joint – Each Europress joint is pressed with the exact required torque to ensure each joint is pressed to perfection.

  • Competent installers can install Europress reducing the need for expensive highly specialised welders – another immense labour saving.

  • High Safety – each joint is pressed using a hand held 18V crimp tool, eliminating the need for gas bottles, hoses and naked flame which also means no hot work permits are required.

  • Europress is used by a full spectrum of industry including: Defence, mining, manufacturing, food processors, pharmaceutical, water treatment, automotive industry, wineries, abattoirs, hospitals, universities and TAFEs, oil and gas processing.

Check out this article where we cover more benefits and bust some myths about Europress.

Technical Information

Prices exclude GST.

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The product is really good, no issues, no failures and no reason to look at other brands. We will definitely continue to use them.